5.5gARGAN OILIt gives a natural color appearance to cheeks thanks to its formula preventing moistu..
708.00 RSD
4.5gSilky light blusher contains rich and natural minerals. Coral Seaweed that contains rich calci..
1,440.00 RSD
10gMACADAMIA OILIt provides a natural color appearance to cheeks with its special formula containing..
804.00 RSD
4.5mlARGAN OILCOCOA BUTTERProvides glossy, light, vivid and fresh appearence to your lips with it’..
450.00 RSD
6mlMACADAMIA OILSHEA BUTTERVitalizes and protects your lips with Macadamia Oil and Shea Butter. Gl..
504.00 RSD
6mlMACADAMIA OILVITAMIN EThanks to Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E your lips will be moisturized all day..
540.00 RSD
6mlCoral Seaweed / Vitamin EEnriched with natural minerals which provides extra hydration and protec..
540.00 RSD
4.5gMACADAMIA OILSHEA BUTTERIt gives a perfect appearence to your lips with 18 colors to choose fr..
576.00 RSD
4.5gMACADAMIA OILVITAMIN EEasy to apply for mat and long lasting look. It is formulated with Macad..
660.00 RSD
4.5gArgan Oil / Cocoa ButterA creamy lipstick with bright, rich colors. It helps to reduce fine line..
450.00 RSD
20gIts silky texture gives your skin a healthy and natural glowing suntan.NOTE Superiority:• SPF 15...
1,848.00 RSD
10gIt provides a natural appearance with its silky and light texture. It helps provide care that y..
2,256.00 RSD
10gMACADAMIA OILIt provides natural color to your skin with its special formula containing Macadam..
804.00 RSD